What Do SEO Companies Do?

Many business owners run this question in their minds. How do SEO companies really work? One thing you have to understand is that there are black hat SEO (illegitimate) and white hat SEO (legit). SEO in Birmingham also comprises of white hat and black hat SEO.

Legitimate SEO professionals look into a number of factors in your website to see how they can change them to improve SEO.

The main factors include:

-Website security (HTTPS or HTTP)

-Speed of your website

-Quality and length of web page content

-Presence of links pointing to your site (quality backlinks)

-Social media signals

SEO services that must be included when you hire a SEO company

-Website structure analysis. This is an analysis of an overall web structure. This includes your web security where Https means your website is more secure than one that holds Http only. Web structure analysis includes all the technical fixing of your website SEO.

-Website content analysis. This is where SEO professionals check the quality of your content. This will be determined by the various content scrutiny that google thinks matters in ranking. They fix errors like missing links and poor keywords.

-Off-page analysis. This is much focused on getting to know what people are talking about your business out there. In blogs, comments, genuine reviews...just anything that reveals what the audience thinks about your website and the business as a whole.

-Optimization of website code and structure. When a legit SEO company optimizes your website, they are changing your code to be fit for higher ranking. They won't cut corners that'll cost you later, no. They'll do it according to googles terms and policies.

-Optimization of onsite content. It's simple. The SEO experts will remove irrelevant or bad from SEO content and replace it with content that will bloom the website conversions.

-Optimization of off-page factors. This includes everything possible that can shout out your presence in the media, blogs, forums, directories etc.

Wrap up

SEO companies get a lot of work done depending on your specifications. However, if you hire a legit SEO professional for the full package, expect your website to be high on the radar real soon. SEO in Birmingham includes all SEO packages for website development.